The spread of muscle fiber conduction velocity: increasing scope and usability

Researcher: Fiete Lange, MD, PhD Other supervisor: Han van der Hoeven, MD, PhD Thesis defense: 2009 The determination of muscle fiber conduction velocity (MFCV) is used in the evaluation of neuromuscular disorders. When MFCV is determined invasively (using direct fiber stimulation) the conduction velocity of muscle fibers can be measured while controlling the firing rate […]

60 years of clinical neurophysiology in Groningen

On june 18, 2009 we celebrated the 60 year anniversary of the department of Clinical Neurophysiology in Groningen with a scientific symposium that was attended by almost 200 people. The symposium was centered around the increasing role of clinical neurophysiology in the academic hospital of today and the near future, with talks by Mart van […]

Travelling wave NMR

In the February 19 2009 issue of Nature David Brunner and Klaas Pruessmann from ETH Zurich showed that by using travelling instead of standing radio-frequency waves to acquire MR images, it becomes possible to obtain high-quality images of larger parts of the body at once. More importantly from the perspective of a patient, even at 7T […]

TED: talks by great researchers for everyone

TED provides 15 minute presentations by both eminent researchers and young rising stars on very diverse subjects. Both very interesting from a content point of view, but also to learn how to present your topic in only 15 minutes in an accessible, thought-provoking and entertaining way. I loved the talks by Ramachandran and by Petsko on the […]

Portable MRI

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have succeeded in making a small portable nuclear magnetic resonance probe, which is made and marketed by the New-Zealand based company Magritek (Technisch Weekblad, 19-07-08). The diameter of the probe is 17 cm and the earth’s magnetic field is used to generate a polarising field of 18.8 mT, allowing for […]

Cervical dystonia: Abnormal cerebral activation patterns related to preparation and execution of hand movement

Researcher: Paulien de Vries, MD, PhD Other supervisors: Nico Leenders, MD, PhD, Bauke de Jong, MD, PhD Thesis defense: 2008 Cervical dystonia (CD) is a movement disorder characterized by sustained involuntary muscular contractions which cause repetitive twisting movements and abnormal postures of the head. CD is primarily a brain disorder. Several studies show that CD […]